Sunday, March 3, 2013

March is here things will be heating up

February is gone March is in were are you at in your garden? Since my last post here I have planted my carrots, beets, and sugar peas.

The weather here is pretty darn cold lows have been in the upper 20's. You ask why on earth would you plant when it is so cold, the answer my friend is moisture.

Spinach Breaking the Surface
I planted during the very cold snap due to looking at the next 10 days it will warm up and be dry. The wind has been blowing and cold ideal drying weather. It doesn't have to be hot to suck the moisture out of the soil, wind will suck it out like a sponge.

With the seeds so very small they are planted close to the surface 1/4 inch or so deep. Right now 1/4 inch has some moisture but it is drying out fast. The seeds I planted will sprout at a lower temperature than grass and most weeds. Knowing this I want my plants to sprout 1st so weeding and identifying the plant is easier. If you have ever tried to weed carrots with weeds around them you know what I mean, so plant now. Beets, carrots, spinach etc to help them beat the weeds.

The cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower plants I bought can stand the low 30's but a hard freeze will damage them, so for the last week I have them covered up with straw. You can use a gallon jug, cup, plastic, and so on to cover them if

Covered Plant Protect From the Hard Freeze
you so chose. With so many planted I used straw this will hold the heat from the ground enough to keep them from the hard freeze. The lettuce and spinach seed I planted had started to sprout so I covered them up last week and will remove the straw today hoping the cold has not killed them. I know I will lose some but will replace them next weekend.

With March here all the activity around the garden really hits high gear. I urge you to get your plan ready and if possible get the ground ready. Check the weather avoid planting if there is heavy rains coming in a the near future. Heavy rain will wash them out and away.

How I prepared were I plant my carrots is next. Have a great day God Bless Joe


  1. thank you joe! joe has been growing a garden for 37 years and has many useful tips to all who want to eat organic food!

  2. Hey, Joe! I read this and it made me feel so much better about having brussel sprouts, spinach, and lettuce in the ground already:) Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am an amateur with a small garden, but I am really enjoying digging in the dirt!

  3. Dana looks like you have been bit by the dirt bug. Gardening is rewarding, frustrating, hard, and fun. It is wonderful to teach your kids. Let them have their own small garden and watch them learn. :)