Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Living off the Land!! (Gardening 2013)

Jan asked me to post on my gardening skills, so I thought why not share what you've been doing for 40 years. I will begin regular posting on my journey in this 2013 season. It is a journey.

Jan posted earlier on what I have planted here, so with that said here we go.

Planning a garden is an important part of a successful season. What I mean is don't plant tall crops next to a short crops that could block out the sun and remember were you planted the last year crop. You want to avoid planting the same crops over the same ground this builds up pest and disease in the soil. Plant climbing vines like cucumbers on a fence line or build a way for them to climb. This makes weeding, picking, and watering much easier. For new gardener's breaking new ground is an experience but well worth the effort. Start small the 1st year ,unless ya got plenty of back, and you can keep growing it until you either run outta land or it is just plain big enough.

My garden is 6000 sq feet but on about 1500 of it I planted an asparagus bed, blackberry bed, muscadine vines, and most recent a blueberry bed. 70 feet of asparagus, 70 feet of blackberries, 2 muscadine vines, and 9 blueberry bushes.

Test your ground see what ya got and begin the process of building new ground. Always give back what ya take. Add compost, mulch, ashes, and anything else that will add good organic matter back in the ground. Planting in the same spot without taking care of the land sooner or latter your done. I have been planting the same area for 24 years and the ground is better now than when I started.

Not wanting to be long winded I will cut here and add a new one tomorrow. Till then take care God Bless, Joe

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