Sunday, March 3, 2013


 I have been struggling with unforgiveness lately with a couple people in my life.And it seems like EVERYDAY I am saying to the Lord, I forgive that person.But the devil tries to say, stop writing, stop doing what God has called you to do because you are unworthy and don't have your stuff together. Well, the fact is, I have never been worthy, I have been swallowed up by His grace.. So to stop doing what God has called me to do just because I am struggling would mean I would stop in my tracks until I take my final breath. We are all like roads that have to have construction done to fix the pot holes, and the cracks and the broken barriers within us. And once one area is finished, God begins to do work on another place. So friends DO NOT let the devil steal your destiny or your purpose because your heart is being worked on. Being worked on by the Father means He hasn't given up on you!! Keep doing what He called you to do!

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