Thursday, March 21, 2013

Weather Alert

Just to let all those know the low this Sunday is projected to get freezing 32. I am in South west Arkansas. Be sure and check your local weather.

I strongly encourage all that have tomatoes, peppers, beans any cold sensitive plat to get them covered Friday evening if possible or be sure and get them covered Saturday. Covering them early will help heat the ground more and they will do much better during the cold. I would leave them covered until after work Monday. Use anything that is large enough and allows sunlight through to cover them and the leaves don't touch the covering service. If the leaves touch the covering surface they will be killed from the freeze.

Little worried looed at the extended forcast this morning the low Sunday was 36 that is ok, but looked just a few minutes ago and it has been lowered to 32, sure hope it won't get much lower. Take care cover.

Little update on the weather looks like it is going to be a hard freeze Sunday and Monday so prepare all you can. Most of the blooming trees will lose their fruit I will look at trying to save one of my Plum tree if I have any cover left over.

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