Thursday, March 7, 2013

Planting Times in your area

Click on Image to see what zone your in.
First thing you do is get the planting zone your in. I am in 7-8 here in southern Arkansas, Texarkana
I guess I have been planting so long I forget the fundamentals of planting time for crops if I am just getting started.

This is my normal planting times for crops based on my zone.

Thing ya have to remember- you can't predict the weather so be smart and get the feeling of growing. Breaking of a seed is life figuring how to keep it alive to produce is the feeling. The times I put here aren't on a calender I just get the feeling, take a look at the weather as far out as I can, and plant. I have lost crops but for the most part God has favored my work.

You can stagger your planting to 1/2 row wait 3 weeks and finish the row out for a staggered harvest. I plant to put up so I plant whole rows. Choice is yours, canning freezing is another topic for latter.

What I plant in January.
- Onions, cabbage family, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, garlic, and you can pant greens ( I usually do them in the Fall ) collards, turnips.

What I plant in March.
- I will be getting in Corn, herbs, sugar peas, spinach, lettuce, carrots, and beets planted. If any of my January plants didn't make it replace them. I planted 120 feet of January Crops and we got some nasty weather so I lost a few.
Late March I will get the tomatoes they do like it cool but can't stand a frost so if ya get them planted and a frost/freeze is coming you have to protect them. Lost a many from an March/April freeze.

What I plant in April. Coming next edit.

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