Monday, February 25, 2013


Have you ever had a stain, one so dark that there is no possible way you could remove it? Maybe it is on your clothes for the world to see and mock. Maybe it is in your house where only the people that know you best can see it, or maybe it is in your room where only you can see this dreadful stain. Have you tried to cover up the stain? Some people put a rug over a carpet stain so no one knows its there, some people place whatever they can get a hold of to disguise the stain.

This reminds me of life, how many stains do we have from our past or even just today that we just can't get rid of. We don't want people to know we have a flaw/sin/stain so we cover it up with whatever we so choose. Sometimes the stain is obvious to those around us, and other times it is something personal that taunts us from our own souls. We often try everything but the right thing to get the stain off.. We try lying, we try hiding, we try drugs, we try pain medicine, we try, we try scrubbing on our own, but nothing seems to work. And this is where the blood of Jesus comes in. There is no stain/sin/flaw that can withstand the precious blood of Jesus. So if you find yourself trying in your own strength to cover up, or scrub yourself out of a "stain" remember that you can go to Jesus, and ask Him to remove it for you. He is faithful, and He can change the unchangeable stains in our lives.

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