Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Made New

A few years back I was at a Womens confrence with my church, and I was truly struggling with many things, and felt so much like a failure in the eyes of God. I remember the first night of worship, and we began to sing the song "You are Welcome Here." And as I began to sing, You are welcome here mighty God.. I heard the sweet voice of the Lord say to me.. And you are welcome here in my presence. I began to weep, because a single sentence spoken by God changed my life that day. That entire weekend was full of preaching of Gods love for us,his sons and daughters. Still to this day I search out scriptures of His love, not because I am unaware of his commandments or his judgement. Simply because when my heart is overflowing with His love it is easy to stay in His will, follow His voice, and do the very things He has called me to do. The love of God will change you. It is impossible to stand before love, and not be made new.

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