Tuesday, February 5, 2013

J & J Ranch

We have been raising our own beef and meat goats for 4 years now! The goats do a great job at keeping the property looking trim and we also sell them to make money. We decided to raise our own cows  to make sure the meat is organic and no chemicals or fillers added.

We have a small pond on our property which is one of the cows and goats favorite watering hole! The Cannis bulbs were planted on our septic system.Fertile ground I must say!

Pictured in this photo are T Bone and Rib Eye!

My husband built this barn for our goats and cows and painted it a clay color. He used ply woord,2x4's,leftover shingles from our roof ,and recycled gates and fencing. I think he did a great job and think the animals appreciate it!!

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