Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Design by Jan Staging Photos

Design by Jan
before photos
 The rooms were painted dark colors that made them look small and dark. The first thing I did was I had the rooms painted a light color.

The Entry way to the home should be welcoming and pleasant!

The Living Room

 Original Art is used through out the home.
Vintage camel saddles (bun warmers) are a unique  addition to the décor. In this room I used a lot of wrought iron to go with the contemporary furniture and art.

 White walls are used to give a crisp look and to make the rooms appear bigger and lighter. I have used pops of color through art, pillows, throws and rugs.

The Sitting Room

Patriotic colors were used for this room. I found the table in the center at a thrift store and sanded it down and painted it with a fire engine red enamel paint and it looks so retro!! The metal and leather couch from Pier One and 2 side chairs compliment each other. I love the nautical throw I found at TJ Maxx! The Beautiful rug was purchased from Tuesday Morning . The assortment of red, tan & blue compliment each other beautifully!

 I have been holding on to this vintage school map for many years(1967)waiting for the perfect home to put it in!! This map is now valued around $600.00!!

The dresser to the right is the homeowners great grandmothers from the early 1900's. Above it is the homeowners original patriotic artwork that goes with the theme of this room.


 The kitchen is the heart of the home and should be clean ,comfy and inviting!!
I used red, tan and blue pillows and red and white striped cushions for the table bench. On the granite bar I used fruit for a pop of color. Because the homeowner grows his own food and loves to make homemade salsa I was so excited when I found these perfect wall hangings at a thrift store!!
No need for curtains when you have a gorgeous view and no neighbors!!


I try to personalize the homeowners space as much as possible. The homeowner was a national champion swimmer with many awards. I arranged several seating arrangements around the billiards table. The chair below is a mid century modern chair from the homeowners aunt and the pool table was his grandparents. I used a vintage speaker for a table .


I love the head planter I found at a store in Little Rock! I have it sitting on a vintage red metal tray that I found at a flea market in California. Again I have used a vintage speaker for a table .The dresser below is the homeowners paternal grandparents from the 1940's. I made a collage of some of Jesses newspaper clippings. The vintage kerosene lantern was a great find in Santa Cruz ,California!

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