Saturday, October 19, 2013

Failure isn't final unless we refuse to hand it to God.

I have to be honest, lately I have felt like such a failure in certain areas of my life.I have asked myself.."why can't you get it together sister!?" I think we all have areas that in our lives that have MAJOR work to be done, but if we keep trying to fix it ourselves and keep blocking God out of the healing process because it's an area too messed for us to bring to him.. We will find ourselves like an old beat up road.. Anyone who turns down that certain lane of our lives will be thrown all over the place. Even our greatest struggle isn't too great for Jesus Christ to fix. We do however have to allow him in to undo, break apart, dig up, and then begin to lay a new foundation in that area. It's not pretty or easy and it may hurt, but it is so very necessary.

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