Monday, March 25, 2013

Protecting Plants from a hard Freeze

Well guys here it is a week before Easter Groundhog has been sent to prison and ole winter showing her colors, what do you do to help your cold sensitive crops survive?

In this video I will show you what I did to prepare for the coming freeze. In the video I say it is suppose to get to 32 wrong 27.  This is a serious freeze. I will show what I used to prepare for this weather change and protecting my crops. What I used I had on hand, some old dog fence (used to grow climbing beans or cucumbers) and plastic we had from old painting jobs.

You can use anything such as a gallon milk jug, tin cans, even cut water bottles. The object it to trap heat from the sun to warm the area enough to keep the temp from falling to freezing or below 32. If it does might as well start over. I can't afford to spend 100 to replace mine so I started Friday after work worked till dark got up at dawn Saturday and finished up Sunday.

I also covered all my corn, and potatoes with mulch. the way to cover your corn (mine is about 1-2 inches in height) is to support both sides so the corn stands up straight and then cover them with a thin layer of mulch, enough so you can't see them but not so much you crush them.

I covered 40 tomato plants, 20 pepper 10 herbs, 60 ft of potatoes and 160 ft of corn. How it all turns out is yet to be seen, but I did all i could the rest is up to the lord. I will post Wednesday after work on the status of the plants. It is forecast to be 27 tonight, 32 Tuesday night and in the 40's Wednesday.

Hope this helps you survive a late freeze wherever you live.

Just gonna update this page on the freeze. The temps we got to were just about record lows 25. I lost all my pepper plants and about 10 tomato plants but that is about all. The expensive herbs are fine. Corn looks ok it got burned some but will wait another week and then make the decision to replant or not.

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