Sunday, March 10, 2013

Planting corn March 9th 2013

The wind is blowing really hard so sorry for the sound in some sections of the video. I am planting my corn a little early but with the forecast calling for 70% chance of rain and the week ahead looks warm I decided to get the corn in the ground.
Here is a good tip. The corn I planted was purchased last year. I bought to much so I put the extra in the freezer, take them out plant and if there is any left over put them back in the freezer. Always good to have seed never know if there will be a bad year and seed it hard to find.
Here is another good tip when planting corn. The corn ear is fertilized by the top or tassel. When planting always plant at least three rows this helps ensure the ears are fertilized. It is better to plant short rows and more of them in a small garden.

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