Saturday, March 30, 2013

God is Whispering Your Name

While I was wrapped up in sin God bent down low and whispered my name. He says clearly that He knew me before I knew Him. He knew all the quirks, all the pain, all the ugly places, all the masks, and yet He still called me by name. He asked if I would deny myself, take up my cross and follow after Him.. with an overwhelmed, thankful heart my answer was yes.. He didn't promise me riches or fame, but an eternal relationship with Him. No good deed could get me that , no amazing work.. He just saw me, loved me, made me new and restored my soul to its most organic state.We are all merely human, flawed, stained, fighting to do the right thing and often times failing. But God sent Jesus Christ his one son, to proclaim His great love for us by even sacrificing his life so that we could be one with him. God is whispering your name this morning.. with arms open wide ready to recieve and renew your precious life. It is up to you to answer this call, to say yes to Jesus Christ.. there is always a choice.. and today even if you have fallen away there is redemption in what Jesus Christ did on the cross. God hasn't forgotten you, He is waiting for your heart to turn back to Him. Today is the day of salvation.

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