Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Media Room

I love when I find unique items at thrift stores! This hand painted owl is from Mexico and the 2 vintage hand painted ornaments just look so unique and go with my color scheme! I love the California pottery that I collect...they usually come in vibrant colors! The rock is from the Berlin wall that our exchange student from Germany gave me !! I frequently decorate with books and the title is a usually a message. This book it titled " Tommorrow will be Better" and it is about Czechoslovakia ,my maternal ansestry,under Communist rule.The top book is titled "Life Lessons".

Love the orange California pottery,the vintage blue Jim Beam whiskey bottle both thrift store finds!! The books I chose to decorate with are dear to my heart "Happy Are Those Who Thirst For Justice","The Red Badge of Courage" and then I used "The Call Of The Wild". I love the polka ditted ceramic bowl I found at Ross'!

More California pottery and books! Being a Hillary Clinton fan I chjose to use her bio and another fave book titled "Pride And Prejudice".

I love the South Carolina vintage bottle that was given to us by dear friends as a farewell gift when we moved from South Carolina. Also pictured are other Jim Beam vintage whiskey bottles and more California pottery!

Now look at the entire now have many groups in one shelf!! All of the colors gel,the groups are even and smyetrical and they are all unique and most of the items were found in thrift stores! Oh how I love to decorate on a dime!!

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