Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cows & Goats February

This is Sugarfoot and he is about 6 months old and is so cute!! Sugarfoot was fed milk in a bucket instead of a bottle for about 2 months. He is not as attached to me as the other calves that were bottle fed.

My husband named all of the female goats after the ladies in his office! This is Theresa. Theresa gave birth to 2 kids and lost one of them. About 2 weeks ago her other kid showed up missing. we looked all over our property and have no idea if a coyote or some other creature got her kid. so sad to lose kids!

The rye grass is coming in and should provide adequate food for them along with bails of hay. In the winter we add grain to their diet.In this photo is Karen with her kid.

With all the fillers that are added to meat these days it is wise to raise your own meat.

The rye grass is growing but with the cold spell Joe had to buy more hay and feed to supplement their grazing.We have folks drive by and stop to ask if they can buy goats. Goat meat is the number 1 meat in the world and with all the fillers put in meat in the supermarkets this is a great time to start raising your own goats!

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